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Weapons of Mass Zombification: Navigating Dead Island 2's Arsenal


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Dead Island 2's most potent weaponry includes fire axes, electric swords, as well as rocket launchers that fit inside your pocket.

The final analysis, Dead Island 2is focused on getting rid of as many zombies as you can in as fashion and style as possible. In this regard, you'll need to locate the game's most influential and most effective weapons in the near future.

As you've probably guessed, the majority of Dead Island 2's top weapons are in Dead Island 2's Legendary category and the Unique. Although it's impossible to go wrong with any weapon that falls within these classes, there are plenty of extremely powerful weapons that you may miss if you're searching for rare items. 

It is said, and so here's a short guide on where you can find some of the most potent weapons during different phases that you play through in the Dead Island 2 adventure.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Emma's Wrath

Emma's Wrath is the undisputed most powerful tool found in Dead Island 2.

This giant sledgehammer can knock down even the biggest group of foes with its powerful Shockwave capability. But it truly shines in boss battles, where the raw power of its melee destroys single targets. Few other weapons can offer this AoE as well as single-target melee damage. Also, it looks pretty awesome.

Where can you locate Emma's Wrath?

You'll be able to unlock Emma's Wrath after completing the last story mission in the game. It means it's only utilized in the after-game events, although it is worth it.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Big Shot

Don't be deceived by this gun's tiny dimensions. It's actually a rocket launcher that can be carried into your pocket. It's certainly as powerful as the description suggests.

Big Shot can fire three explosive rounds simultaneously, making it particularly effective in clearing groups of zombies. Because these rockets also cause status damage to any thing that is able to survive, Big Shot really shines when you're facing a single target within a massive number of fewer zombies. Big Shot is a must-have weapon.

Where to Find Big Shot

You can gain access to Big Shot when you complete your It's NOT Your Fault Mission located in Bel Air. Luciana will provide this task in Emma's Mansion.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Blood Rage

There are some Dead Island 2 characters who primarily depend on quick strikes and repeated melee strikes, and they should take the time to seek out Blood Rage.

Blood Rage is a fast-striking knife that deals with massive Bleed destruction and targets enemy heads for powerful Critical Strikes. It's an all-in "quick" weapon in the game that does not sacrifice in terms of power. In specific builds, it's the first weapon you need to spend the extra effort to purchase and also the last one you'll require.

Where to Find Blood Rage

You can earn Blood Rage by completing the Lost & Found: Fool's Gold quest at Santa Monica Pier. It's a difficult task that requires you to solve a few cryptic questions. The reward is definitely worthwhile, but.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: The One

Yes, it is an allusion to the Highlander sword, and it is an absolute unit.

While the Sword can be used to slice through zombies in a horde, It shines best during fights against bosses because of its unique ability to activate its Weakened status effects after every successful strike. It slashes through the majority of enemies in Dead Island 2's most challenging enemies and deserves to be on your list for this reason alone.

Where to Find The One

You'll be able to earn The One by completing the Beacon of Hope sidequest in the Hollywood Boulevard area.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Red Dragon Shotgun

Guns are only sometimes the best choice when playing Dead Island 2; however, you'll never doubt the value Red Dragon brings to the party. Red Dragon brings to the celebration.

This fantastic shotgun not only quickly burns through massive zombies but also performs exceptionally well against single targets that succumb quickly to its status effect bonus. Although it's not the most potent overall gun available', it's definitely one you can equip and then forget about. It's highly efficient in all kinds of scenarios.

Where can I locate Red Dragon Shotgun Red Dragon Shotgun

You can buy your Red Dragon Shotgun from the Trader on Ocean Avenue.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Wildstyle

Fire is a valuable weapon in the fight against Dead Island 2's zombie hordes, and Wildstyle is among the top fire-based weapons in the game.

Take out one zombie using Wildstyle, and the zombie will create a blaze that it leaves behind. It's nearly impossible for the other zombies in the body to stay clear of the flames, which is why Wildstyle effectively acts as a melee flamethrower. It's compelling and an absolute blast.

Where to Find Wildstyle

You can get Wildstyle by working through your Art of War side mission on Ocean Avenue. Be aware that this mission can be extremely challenging and could be too difficult for a single player to manage at first.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Party Starter

Brass Knuckles tend to be more efficient when playing Dead Island 2 than you believe, and Party Starter is the best set of Brass Knuckles available in the game.

Party Starter's fire capabilities have the typical advantages. However, these knuckles do more than fire starters. The rapid-fire attack can reduce most enemies' strength and let you eventually master massive Heavy Attacks. It is an excellent weapon to use for fast-strike builds needing aid during boss battles.

Where to Find Party Starter

You'll be able to earn your Party Starter by working through The Lost and Found: Drunk and Disorderly quest. It's a long course, so you might prefer not to do it if you're looking for this type of weapon.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Brutalizer

The other name for this weapon could equally well been the meat grinder. It may also be considered a melee weapon. However, it is more of an a-buzzsaw shotgun.

The Brutalizer's Contagion effect basically allows it to destroy large numbers of enemies very quickly. Each hit makes it one notch stronger. It implies that it rips through mobs in a few quick strikes on its own and is quite robust against larger targets, too. It's possible to go right with this weapon.

Where to Find Brutalizer

You can acquire the Brutalizer after completing your Body Art Sidequest located in Beverly Hills.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Extinction Event

As with the magnums of Resident Evil, this gun tends to cause enormous destruction to a single target.

The Extinction Event is one of the few Dead Island 2 weapons that is able consistently to deliver Caustic damage. Although it is helpful in combating zombies, casting damage is especially effective against bosses and other challenging targets. Each shot can make the target less vulnerable, and it can practically melt through enemies in just several rounds.

Where to Find Extinction Event

You must complete your Justifiable Zombicide mission in Beverly Hills. It's a main-story mission, and you should be able to attend it.

Dead Island 2's Best Weapons: Electrocutor Officer's Sword (Best Early Game Weapon)

We also have a weapon you'll likely use for the majority of the game before you begin collecting the weapons we've mentioned earlier.

Electrocutor Officer's Sword is what it is referred to as. It's an Infantry Sword with a high attack speed that can also deal an impressive amount of electric damage. It's not extravagant. However, it's more potent than all other weapons in the game by a significant distance. You'll have to make a special effort to get this weapon.

Where can I find the Electrocutor Officer's Sword?

The Electrocutor Officer's Sword can be found in the Clean & Snatch quest located at the end of the pool in the Beverly Hills mansion. Complete the quest, and you'll discover Obi's Key. Make use of the key that's on the chest near the pool, and the Sword is yours forever.

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