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Selecting a Video Conferencing Service: Guidelines for Potential Buyers


video conferencing needs for short

Whether it's to bring teams across the globe or gather with customers and clients, Video conferencing is a common feature in modern working arrangements. These solutions are easy to set up, simple to use and inexpensive and are gaining popularity for businesses of any size.

The selection of the ideal video conferencing system for your business is vital. You'll have to consider the number of participants in your meeting and the integration of software, conference frequency and more.

What is a Video Conferencing service?

Video conferencing allows you to connect and collaborate with others using an HD video feed. Unlike phone calls, video conferencing will let you see the participants in your meeting like you're in one room.

Professionals can connect to video conferencing on various devices, including computers connected to the internet, as well as private or mobile phones for business. It is also possible to set up video conferencing at a particular place, such as an office. This way, you can set up cameras to project the entire room and utilize the microphones for amplifying speakers.

Video conferencing gives hosts complete control over their meetings. Hosts determine who can speak, who can be on video, and who can share their screens. For instance, if a person attends the session giving an enterprise presentation, The host could let screen sharing so that everyone can see this PowerPoint document.

For those unable to join a conference via video, many companies offer the possibility of joining via telephone.

How do you select the best video conferencing service?

Follow these steps to find the ideal video conferencing solution for your company.

Consider your video conferencing needs: Do you require video conferencing software to conduct short one-on-one sessions, or will you utilize it for prolonged vendor or client meetings? Your answer will help you decide if you'd prefer a less expensive software with fewer meeting time limits and with fewer advanced features. Other factors, like whether you'll require screen sharing or webinar functions, could assist in narrowing down your options.

Explore the market for videoconferencing services: Certain brands could appear as you consider videoconferencing services. But these big names are only some of what you have to choose from, and other options may meet your requirements better.

Studying the market for video conferencing could lead to unique solutions that could be suitable for your business. For instance, specific solutions may be better to meet-up access via one click, while others can seamlessly integrate video conferencing and meeting notes technology.

Compare video conferencing contenders' video quality: A video conferencing system with all the features that you could want is functional when the video quality could be better. A few of the most popular video conferencing platforms provide premium plans with a resolution of 720p. That is at the upper grade. It would help if you considered prioritizing these platforms in your selection process.

Review videoconferencing competitor's Integrations: A video conferencing solution that is compatible with other platforms of software is easier to use across all platforms. For instance, some video conferencing solutions incorporate the most effective web-based project management platforms, as well as the most effective tools for HR to make communication easier. Please take a look at how the integrations that are available on each platform can make it above other platforms.

Compare videoconferencing services' costs against their features: Find out if the cost of a videoconferencing platform is worth the features it offers. Also, inquire about how the price compares to those of other outlets and their options. It is essential to find a way to balance your budgetary needs along with the features that you require from your video conferencing system.

Find customer reviews for different video conferencing services: The official video conferencing service's websites can only provide a little as they're created to present the service favourably. Reviews from customers can give an objective view since reviews are only a little incentive to provide falsely positive feedback.

Examine whether the majority of reviews suggest that it's worth the cost. Name any flaws that stand out or talk to the brand's customer service. If negative customer reviews cause you to pause, look at the reviews of a different brand. They could be more positive, offering you a better choice.

Check out a video conferencing demonstration or trial for free: Many video conferencing companies offer a free demo or trial to give you an experience on the platform. It could be the most effective method to determine if video conferencing is a good fit for your requirements.

 You can utilize the platform for free without committing to it as a service, and sales and customer service representatives are at hand to help with any concerns. After you've tried a few of the products, you can determine which one is best for the best.

What are the most important factors when deciding on a video conferencing service?

Like any significant purchase, knowing your requirements in video conferencing is crucial. For instance, a big company may need to bring through dozens of users at once; however, a smaller organization may only require one-on-one meetings.

Keep these points to keep in mind when deciding on a solution for video conferencing:

The number of participants: Consider the number of attendees who can tune in to your conferences frequently. Certain services allow you to connect only a few people at no cost; however, if you don't expect to have a lot of participants, You may not have to pay a lot (or any fee at all). Some services are specialized in connecting a large number of users. The possibilities are endless, and knowing what you require before beginning your search can help you save time.

Video feed requirements: While many video conferencing companies boast that their conferences can accommodate hundreds of, if not even thousands, of participants simultaneously, they generally restrict the number of streams they can stream. Contrary to this, other services don't have restrictions. Find out if or how the service you're considering restricts feeds. In addition, ensure that the quality of the video is excellent.

Usability: Don't let a problematic user interface stop you from taking your business from progressing. Otherwise, you'll begin meetings without the necessary participants. In addition, meetings may be interrupted for long periods when people struggle to utilize mics, video feeds, and screen sharing.

The types of meeting: With some high-end solutions, you can set up various rooms based on the nature of the meeting. Are you hosting open-forum Q&A sessions where everyone can give feedback? Are you presenting a talk or lecture, and you prefer your participants to be quiet? Find out what types of meetings you'll need when hosting different kinds of meetings, and search for a company that will meet all of your requirements.

Mobile experience: Video conference is to make connections with remote participants. Often, remote participants use mobile devices. Check out any possible video conference software using tablets or phones to ensure participants enjoy a pleasant mobile experience.

Capabilities for recording: Video recording capability is crucial if you have to go back and review your conference. In addition, a web-based archive of meetings from the past can be helpful. For instance, you can save short snippets of meeting minutes to make efficient educational resources for new employees. Be aware of the amount of recording space you'll have. Many services store recorded files in cloud storage and limited storage space for each user.

Screen-sharing features: Screen-sharing helps keep participants entertained and makes meetings more engaging. Suppose you have to present the details of your presentation or show an employee who is located elsewhere how to access the particular document. In that case, screen sharing will aid you in doing it more efficiently.

Room for video conferencing requirements: Depending on your needs, you can create a conference room specifically for video conferences. Make sure the service you're thinking of using is compatible with your existing meeting room setup. Sometimes, it's necessary to use a different service provider to set up the room with appropriate recording and audio equipment. In other instances, video conferencing services will provide all the required equipment at a price.

Integrations with applications: Many video conference solutions work with third-party apps like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft PowerPoint, making it simple to import PowerPoint presentations and other documents. In addition, many services include note-taking functions; others permit participants to take notes. Take note of the applications you'll use in conjunction with your conferencing system and how much control you'd like participants to be able to exert over a meeting. Another option to think about is your email client or calendar. Certain videoconferencing services offer plug-ins for applications like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, making it straightforward to plan meetings.

Smart Meetings: Certain videoconferencing systems incorporate AI (AI) to improve the efficiency of meetings. For instance, some meetings can automatically take notes for all participants and then provide a summary when the meeting has concluded. Intelligent technology may also assign tasks for action items to attendees. These additional features are intended to make participants more active as they don't have to record notes.

Customer service: Pay attention to the quality of a company's client service. It's worth the time to contact the customer service phone number of the businesses you're looking at to see how they'll deal with you. When things go wrong, it's best to have an IT support line that can be reached promptly and efficiently, and you have access to staff members who provide you with the respect that your business deserves.

What are the costs of video conferencing?

Costs for video conferencing vary. Take into consideration the following aspects that impact the price that the provider charges:

Most providers cost for hosting. Most video conferencing services are charged on a per-host basis. It means that if multiple employees hold the meetings themselves, everyone requires a user license. By having various permissions for users, several employees can hold video conference calls simultaneously. In this pricing structure, you only pay for each host. There is no charge for other participants to join in a conference.

Certain services charge per person. Instead of charging per host, certain services base their pricing on the number of people in the video conference. For instance, you could spend $145 monthly to host a video conference with up to 500 participants. This price structure is created to cater to companies who organize webinars.

The pricing and the service level differ. Most providers offer different service levels that vary depending on the pricing, the participant allocation and other features. Certain services provide a free plan. The plans usually limit the number of people who can participate and restrict how long video calls are allowed to last. If you are paying for a plan that uses per-host models, prices vary between $5 and $50 per host each month. Additionally, specific programs require a certain number of user licenses.

Free trials are frequently offered. Many conferencing services offer trial trials for free, lasting between a week and one month. Some even provide trial trials for free for a limited time after a certain amount of data is utilized. You don't have to register and purchase a service you've never experienced with numerous trials. Make use of the free trial and ensure that the product is a good fit for your needs and fulfils your requirements before purchasing.

What's the future of video conference?

The effect of video conferencing on human communication is as powerful as the phone's impact over a century and a half years earlier. New technologies will continue to advance cloud-based video conferencing as it becomes an increasingly important aspect of running a business in this digital age.

Here are a few video conferencing trends to watch out for:

Augmented virtual reality and real-time video conference: Augmented reality and virtual reality enable collaboration across huge distances as if participants were together in a room. Imagine sitting in a virtual room with your business colleagues and discussing your business operations in various interactive graphs, diagrams and models. The future is fast moving towards us as technology improves and creates an even more immersive, memorable experience.

Video conferencing that is not app-based: Video conferencing technology could evolve towards services that require only a hyperlink, not an app downloaded to join meetings. In reality, according to a 2022 survey, 56 per cent of respondents do not like downloading an application to join a conference.

Video conferencing comes with Additional features that may increase in popularity over the coming years, including audio transcription for meetings and translation services, secure file-sharing tools, and video clipping.

Platform-independent video conferencing: Some vendors have started introducing technology that allows virtual meetings to be accessed from any platform. With these platforms, attendees can begin discussions using video conferencing software, and anyone can participate in the event. This type of technology that is platform independent could increase in popularity in the coming years as companies focus more on creating unified user and client experience.

making the best of your video conference

If you choose the right platform, an easy video meeting guide, and a video conferencing cheat sheet, your video conferencing sessions will run more efficiently than ever. Selecting the right venue is crucial, and with the buyer's guide, you can quickly identify the ideal solution for your company. If you try many demos and trial trials, you'll find a video conferencing service that the entire team will love.


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