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OnPay Payroll Software: Features, Pricing, and Benefits


OnPay offers a payroll system designed explicitly for small companies. It's cost-effective, simple and comes with a myriad of self-service features.

OnPay offers unlimited payroll processing, handles all tax obligations, and connects to several popular accounting programs.

OnPay includes HR-related services such as the tools to onboard new hires, reports for new hires, templates for offer letters, and access to an HR Resource Center.

The review below is intended for small-sized businesses that are considering making use of OnPay to process their payroll requirements.

Small-scale businesses require simple, easy payroll software to help them manage their finances and staff. OnPay will meet the requirements perfectly. OnPay evolved from a conventional payroll solution and has over 30 years of experience processing payroll to help small businesses manage their HR and payroll responsibilities. OnPay allows unlimited payroll runs and blends its wide range of HR and payroll tools with the most modern technology to offer a complete experience. Its impressive features, as well as its low cost and top-quality service, make it the top choice for the most reliable payroll service for small companies.

Why OnPay is the Ideal for Small Business

The affordability and ease of use are essential elements for small companies who require assistance with payroll. OnPay provides a clear cost structure as well as an easy-to-use interface. It can also manage the entire payroll and tax on payroll obligations for small-scale businesses.

Despite its modest costs and user-friendly interface, the OnPay feature set is impressive. We have found that it allows unlimited payroll processing and integrates with the most efficient accounting software options. It also provides PTO(PTO) control and offers HR software for no additional cost. We are grateful that OnPay assures that all tax tasks will be completed promptly and accurately.

In addition, the customer service of OnPay was awe-inspiring; it was among the top we came across during our extensive review of online payroll services. Customer support is essential for small business owners who typically do their payroll and may require assistance. For these reasons, we opted for OnPay as the top payroll solution for small-sized businesses and other organizations.


We were awed by how simple OnPay can be used. Here are some of the aspects that enhance the ease of use of the system:

The interface of OnPay is simple: The desktop interface features blue menu tabs along the left side, providing easy access to sections for HR, Payroll Reports, and many, many more. We particularly like how the hover windows let you alter the individual employee's data or remuneration. Radio buttons and drop-downs are easy to understand.

OnPay is up to date with legislation and rules: We like OnPay's software that keeps up with the state-specific taxation and changes to regulations, which include various taxes for residents and non-residents.

Payroll processing is simple using OnPay: It's easy to conduct payroll with OnPay. Include each employee's work hours and ensure appropriate deductions from payroll are deducted. 

Additionally, you can include commissions or bonuses for employees. OnPay allows for one-time changes to the rates of pay as well as deduction amounts. The system calculates the payment instantly and displays the sums to be viewed. If everything is in order, then the payroll will be processed. You can print checks yourself or choose an electronic payroll that is completed by depositing funds directly into the bank accounts of your employees. It is also possible to distribute funds through credit debit cards.

Incorporating employees into OnPay is easy: We like how it is simple to connect employees to the system. Fill in the basic information regarding the employee, such as their name, address, the address they live in, birth date, and the date they started. After that, you'll enter the following details:

  • How often do they get paid?
  • If they're employee or contractor
  • No matter if you're working as or are a salary-based or hourly worker
  • What is their pay
  • Withholdings from the federal and state governments

Employees have self-service options within the OnPay: We like the fact that employees can join themselves by logging into OnPay and entering their details, which saves the business owner time. They can also view pay statements, edit personal bank account information, update personal details and sign electronic signatures on documents inside OnPay.

Payroll reminders using OnPay: To ensure you can complete payroll on time, You can set email reminders as long as ten days before payday. We found this to be extremely useful.

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onPay features

Certain payroll providers, we looked at have limitations on certain features for higher-tier plans. We, however, appreciate the fact that all OnPay's valuable tools are available when you sign up. Below are the features that we liked the most.

Full-service Payroll: Pay contractors and employees quickly with a cash or debit card or by direct transfer.


Payroll tax services: OnPay manages your payroll tax and other filings.


HR built-in team: The software includes employee onboarding and training tools.


Benefits integrated: Make use of the service to control dental vision, life, as well as disability coverage.


Integrations into accounting: OnPay connects to accounting applications such as QuickBooks as well as Xero.


Reporting features that can be customized: Create custom reports and browse the information and filters in real-time.


Full-Service Payroll

We love the fact that OnPay can take care of all your company's payroll as well as payroll accounting requirements, including within more niche industries. For instance, it could handle the payroll of non-profit organizations as well as churches, handle 943 tax filings for agricultural companies, and handle the gratuities that are paid to employees in hospitality positions. The software allows for customizable bonus pay items and split roles according to different rates, card and cash tips, and many more.

In our tests, We found that the service can handle an unlimited process of payroll for employees with W-2 as well as 1099 contract employees. Payroll can be run at any time, and various Pay schedules to accommodate different employees. Contractors are paid every week, and salaried employees are paid every week. Vacation calendars, as well as PTO accruals, are also included. Checks, prepaid debit cards, or direct deposit pay employees. 

Direct deposit is the preferred method of payment. Employees receive their pay two days following every pay period. You can print checks for employees using any printer you have.

We're thrilled that OnPay has updated its payment processing process. It's easier to review and manage payroll items on a worker basis. You can browse through the list of team members to quickly look over everyone who is on your payroll. You can include additional items, such as bonuses or cash tips, with a few clicks. It is also possible to manage tax overrides, garnishments, and other deductions.

Payroll Tax Services

We were thrilled to learn that OnPay can handle all of the taxes on your payroll. OnPay calculates your monthly payroll taxes, takes the required payments and pays state, local and federal tax agencies in the fifty U.S. states. In addition, the firm creates and files quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.

At the close of the calendar year, OnPay produces your pay stubs, such as W-2 and 1099 forms. Employees have access to them through OnPay's self-service platform.

We are thrilled that OnPay offers a guarantee on its tax services. If the business makes mistakes and is found to be responsible, it will rectify the issue and pay any penalties or interest you earn. This kind of guarantee is standard in the business.

We love that the company offers specific alerts that help businesses detect mistakes before they happen. Alerts for proactive actions are sent out to managers and administrators if the system can see potential errors in calculation, such as a missing state tax ID or negative net pay figures. It can also detect irregular pay cycle remunerations and alert them to examination. We are grateful that this backup system provides small business owners peace of mind.

The HR team is built-in.

OnPay provides HR services, such as employee to-board instruments (including the ability to assign tasks for employee onboarding and electronic signature), reports on new hires, job offer letter templates, and accessibility to the HR resource centre. Although most competitors, like ADP and Gusto, offer the same HR features, they generally charge higher for these features. We're delighted that these functions are provided in OnPay without additional costs. 

For instance, when we write the examination of ADP, We inform you how the company's employees' handbook Wizard is only available on its more sophisticated (and higher priced) plans.

On the other hand, every OnPay client has access to its easy handbook creator. With advanced fields, you can create all the documents that your employees have to see, including the mission statement for your business and employee time-off policies. You can also add paid holidays and processes for managing performance. Once you've created your employee handbook, you're ready to distribute it to new employees. We discovered that this option is an excellent method for small-scale businesses to increase efficiency and ensure all employees know the business's rules and procedures.

Benefits Integrated Benefits

OnPay helps with the administration of benefits, which includes insurance benefits as well as workers' compensation plans along with 401(k) retirement programs. OnPay is licensed by all 50 states and offers support through an internal group of brokers. We appreciate that the platform can generate rapid quotes for various insurance products.

We also discovered that OnPay helps manage other perks, like PTO, commuter benefits, and remote working tools. It also assists in COVID-19 compliance, such as monitoring sick leave caused by COVID. Audits and checklists for compliance are included in the software, along with customizable template templates for documents. You can also view old documents for personnel. Automated workflows track and assign events, ranging from employee birthdays through departure interviews.

Accounting Integrations

OnPay integrates with various accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online and Xero. While this essential feature is comparable to other providers, the accounting software integration offered by OnPay is superior to what many payroll providers provide. Each time you finish your pay run, your payroll information will automatically be updated to your account software.

We've seen that OnPay has dramatically improved the experience of paying throughout the years. OnPay provides a simple and responsive user experience, building upon its impressive capabilities. We love the fact that you are now able to pay employees with just a few steps and see your pay by expanding columns and breakdowns that are itemized. Furthermore, in our tests, we discovered that intelligent alerts are handy for identifying errors or irregularities before running payroll.

Flexible Reporting Options for Customizing

OnPay allows companies to make customizable reports on payroll, which can be processed in real-time. Views can be saved for quick access by the finance department's HR managers, HR staff as well as your financial accountant. We like that users can modify or eliminate up to 50 additional data points and organize columns according to any arrangement. Reports can be downloaded as spreadsheets or PDF files or spreadsheets. They can also be exported using the accounting software integration.

OnPay Pricing

Here's a breakdown of the OnPay's pricing and the terms:

Simple price: OnPay offers straightforward pricing. It charges a base monthly cost of $40 plus $6 per month for each employee. In contrast to other payroll companies with different pricing models, OnPay's monthly charges include all services.

Year-end tax forms: Year-end tax forms could be subject to additional costs. OnPay will charge $5, plus delivery per worker to print and post-tax formats at the end of the year to your business, or $7, plus the shipping cost per worker for mailing the documents directly to each employee. But you can create W-2s yourself for no cost.

There are no long-term contracts or annual charges: No long-term contracts for OnPay. Pay month-to-month, and change your mind at any time and without cost. There aren't any yearly fees or additional charges to withhold, pay, or pay payroll taxes.

One-month trial free of charge: We were pleased to find that new customers get their first month free. It is optional to supply credit card information to start using OnPay. But you must join your corporate bank account to progress through the trial period and use the software.

We are thrilled about the fact that OnPay is open regarding its pricing. OnPay's website clearly describes the charges and also includes a calculator for pricing that calculates your exact monthly order depending on the number of employees. Specific payroll solutions we looked at will require you to contact them for an estimate, while some offer an estimate of the cost and will only give particular prices once you have signed up for their services.


OnPay is a payroll service that is cloud-based and accessible via the Internet from any location all over the world. All your documents and data are stored on the cloud. It is not necessary to download or update software.

We are happy new customers are provided with a New Accounts Coordinator to guide them through onboarding. The representative will ensure that your tax IDs are registered in the system and that your previous pay has been transferred to OnPay. If you're trying to share information from an old payroll provider, OnPay can help. Provide OnPay with your current payroll details, and then one of their employees will create your new account and get it up and running within three working days.

The representative will guide you through the first payroll run and guide you through getting familiar with the program. Few payroll systems offer this kind of concierge service. We appreciate this feature because it assures new customers of the assistance they require to set up their payroll in a reputable manner and without additional cost.

Customer Service

OnPay provides U.S.-based customer service via telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. It also offers support via email and live chat. Email support for emergencies is available during weekends. Additionally, the company has an extensive online help centre with more than 200 resources.

We were delighted with the support provided by OnPay. When we phoned OnPay to ask questions about their offerings, we were welcomed by an executive from the company rather than a typical customer service rep. They took the time to address questions in depth and thoroughly. When other businesses we talked to attempted to prove that they had the best services were the most effective, OnPay focused on its benefits instead of slamming its competitors.

In subsequent calls to representatives from support, we were treated to the same excellent quality of helpful and friendly customer support.

While OnPay isn't accredited as a business by the Better Business Bureau, it has an A-grade rating, which indicates its dedication to providing high-quality customer service.


One issue we discovered is that OnPay needs a mobile application, which could disadvantage some companies. The site is responsive to mobile devices. However, specific organizations prefer to access their payroll systems via an encrypted app travelling.

Another drawback is the fact that OnPay charges fees to send tax forms at the end of the year to employees or businesses. You can, however, print and distribute the documents on your own for no cost.


In evaluating the most effective payroll solutions, we examined various payroll processes offered by different companies and integrations, as well as customization options, including pricing, usability configuration and many other aspects. We aim to assist companies in selecting the best payroll solution

To find the most suitable choice for small-sized businesses specifically, we emphasized simple pricing, comprehensive plans and outstanding customer service. As part of our comprehensive review, we viewed an on-the-spot OnPay demonstration and spoke with representatives from the company to learn more about the system and have questions addressed. We also examined the company's customer support quality and response time.


What's OnPay being used to serve?

OnPay is used to handle processing payroll and payroll tax services. It also takes on HR tasks. It lets business owners manage payroll, onboarding employees, and manage employee benefits.

How much does OnPay cost?

OnPay charges $40 per month. It also includes an additional fee of $6 per employee. The price includes access to all features of OnPay. There are no plans for pricing with tiered rates.

Does OnPay offer a mobile application?

The website of the company is mobile-friendly. However, there's no mobile application.

Have you heard that OnPay received any awards or praise?

OnPay has received numerous praises for its payroll service, including the Best Payroll Service for Small Businesses 2023 from Forbes Advisor and a 2023 Editors' Choice award from PCMag.

What accounting and business integrations can OnPay provide?

OnPay provides integrations with QuickBooks, When I Work, Vestwell, Mineral and numerous other third-party platforms.

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