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Companies Back Summer Fridays for Employees

summer fridays

Summer Fridays is a flexible schedule that allows employees to work on Fridays in the summer but leave early.

Businesses can benefit from summer Fridays by increasing employee morale and productivity.

Some industries cannot afford Summer Fridays.

This article is for managers and business owners interested in the benefits and implementation of Summer Fridays.

Employers have offered new and current employees non-traditional benefits for many years to retain and attract workers. For example, some companies allow their employees to work less on Fridays or even during the summer. This practice is known as "Summer Fridays."

What is Summer Fridays?

Summer Fridays is a flexible schedule that allows employees to leave early from work or take a day off at the weekend. These reduced hours are only available on Fridays during the summer.

Summer Fridays can give employers a competitive edge in the eyes and minds of job-seekers looking for more flexibility. Even though more teams are now working remotely due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Summer Fridays remain a valuable perk. Employees can recharge, take care of personal obligations, enjoy summer weather, and disconnect from work by allowing them to work less on Fridays. The result is that workers feel more balanced in their work and personal lives, which increases their morale, making them more productive. Learn how to design a fantastic employee benefits program to keep and attract workers. 

What are the advantages and challenges of Summer Fridays?

As an employer, you should strive to keep your staff happy. Offering incentives such as Summer Fridays to lift morale can be a great way to boost spirits. Supporting work-life balance helps employees avoid the negative effects of burnout. It ensures that they are productive and contribute to your business.

Employees who know they will have more time during the summer are likelier than others to perform well during normal working hours. Summer Fridays are a great reward for completing the week. When employees receive extra time off for their hard work, they are more likely to stay with a company, which reduces turnover rates.

Summer Fridays may sound great in theory, but its implementation can be challenging for some businesses. Summer Fridays can be a great idea, but its performance and feasibility depend on many factors. One of these is the industry in which your company operates. 

Fridays could be more productive in some sectors, such as publishing and advertising during summer. It makes sense in such cases to convert a slow day into an extra long weekend.

Not all businesses are slow during the summer. Sacrificing 20 percent of the week can affect a business's bottom line. When trying to attract and retain top talent, companies in the food service industry, retail, or shipping might want to consider other benefits. Many restaurants can't afford to be closed one day per week or have a staff shortage during the Friday lunch rush.

How can I implement the Summer Fridays Program?

You can implement Summer Fridays if they fit your business well.

Schedule your work schedule for Friday. Some companies have different policies for Summer Fridays. They may even differ within the same company. Some team members may get a whole Friday off while others are working. Next week, those who were off will have to work while team members who worked get their day off. Your entire team can go out on Fridays in the afternoon. See what other companies are doing with Summer Fridays and see if it works for you.

You can change your work schedule from Monday to Thursday as necessary.

You may not be able to afford to take Fridays off, but you want to do so. You could then offer a compressed schedule, such as a 4-day workweek. You would have your employees work 10 hours daily, Monday through Thursday. This amount of work is equivalent to 40 hours over four days. Your team can have Friday off and be as productive as a five-day week.

Change the schedule in your payroll software.

Say you want to introduce Fridays in the summer. You must update your time-tracking and payment procedures to reflect the new schedule. You should ensure that your software processes pay for ten working hours from Monday to Thursday but none on Friday. You should still ensure that HR professionals provide employees with the correct time, even if your payroll system comes with HR services. If you accidentally pay for 48 hours a week instead of the 40 required by law, it will negatively impact your financial situation. Find out how to select the best pay schedules for your business. 

Add the new policy to employee handbooks.

It is best to commit to Summer Fridays in writing, just as you would with any other policy. It means describing the rules in the employee handbook and alerting your employees to the procedure.

You should state clearly when your Summer Fridays policy applies. You could set your policy so that it spreads from Memorial Day to Labor Day. You should explain in your policy how Summer Fridays affect the hours of your team on other days. Note that your policy may change if Summer Fridays prove to be a challenge to your team's and your company's productivity.

As needed, adjust the policy.

Say you stop your team's work at 1:30 pm every Friday. You may also hear from clients that the work they are receiving is rushed. You may have offered Summer Fridays but have not added those hours to other days. Or you might need to account for the shorter period in which employees must complete the same amount of work. You can prevent these problems from occurring by reviewing your policy. Inform your entire team about any changes to the procedure.

It is also good to ask your staff for formal and informal feedback to determine how they feel about the policy. Do Summer Fridays serve their purpose? Do employees take advantage of Summer Fridays? Are they still able to perform their duties in a high-quality manner? Your program needs to be adjusted if not.

Encourage your team to take time off.

As an employer, it's your job to change this. Encourage your staff to enjoy Summer Fridays and take some time off. Summer Fridays will make your team feel valued and less like they need to be more active and active. Instead, they'll realize that their employer is concerned about their work life and wants them to enjoy the extra vacation.

Why is Summer Friday gaining in popularity?

Digday research shows that employers take Summer Fridays seriously now more than ever. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, employers have become more aware of their employees' stress. Business owners can relieve this pressure by implementing Summer Fridays.

Employers have encouraged their employees to use Summer Fridays for a part of the day or even all of it and even paid their employees for every 40-hour use of PTO. It is a far cry from the old business environment, where employees were often scared to take vacations. Unsurprisingly, employers offer this benefit since it benefits business owners and employees.


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